90% of consumers read online reviews, and 88% of them trust online reviews when considering a business. Customer Reviews not only help you attract new clients, it also helps with your Search Engine Optimization. 

Review platforms generally have a strong presence in organic search, making them a great opportunity to expand your brand presence and get noticed by the right people. When you encourage users to leave reviews on a third-party platform with strong SEO, you increase the chances of being found by qualified prospects in search. Google recognizes their important role in helping people find what they’re looking for, and seems to favour review sites like themselves, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn in search engine results.

Positive customer reviews may be the single most effective marketing you can do for your business. We have a tool that helps the 1 to 3 star ratings get blocked. Instead of posting online, it will send you, the company owner, an email with their concerns, which you then can address accordingly.

How does your business compare?

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